Holst "Planets"


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Alexander Goldberg Jero, winner of the respected Surround Music Awards partners with Surround Records International Collaboration of Performers to produce the best quality sounds from some of the world's most cherished artists. Jero developed High Definition Music Cards by using the most advanced technology give you the latest advances in surround sound reproduction. Gustav Holst’s The Plants is one of many that simply must be heard in this crisp clean format to fully experience the magnificence of the collection.

Gustav Holst live from 1874-1934 and is considered a musical genius. Holst was influenced by many musical contemporaries including: Schoenberg, Stravinsky, and Debussy. For example, the quality of"Neptune" is similar to Debussy's early piano music. However, these influences only serve to strengthen the quality of Holst music in the same way Quentin Tarantino’s movie influences elevates his films.

The Planets at the time, was a representation of all known planets of the Solar System (excluding Earth) and their corresponding characteristics of their astrological lore. Holst captures the essence of what these planets represented in a range of fanciful pieces that will both sooth and excite.

Holst’s first movement was representing the Roman god of war, Mars. The piece starts of ominous and almost angry with its cagey rhythms. It also utilizes a pulsing drum beat that gives the overall piece a militant war like feel.

Following the intense war like Mars in the soothing Venus. Venus is much slower than Mars and utilizes harps, flutes, shimmering strings and a violin to create a relaxing but captivating sound. The piece finished with eerily moving violin passage that captures the Roman goddess of love and beauty.

The next act Holst captures the Roman god Mercury, god of traveling and tricky. This piece picks up after Venus with a fast and flighty sound. It’s a shorter piece, which only adds to the feeling of urgency. Glockenspiel tunes are jump and skip throughout the piece giving it a flighty feel. 

Jupiter is considered the King of Gods so it’s no wonder Holst made this piece swell with majesty and grandness. Holst utilizes brass and string instruments to make the piece what it is. The way the brass swells and the strings are layered creates a poignantly beautiful piece.

Holst’s progression then transitions to Saturn. Saturn is known for being god of time which provides a nice contrast to Jupiter. Where Jupitar was positive and majestic, Saturn opens slowly expanding into a march with heavy timpani blows. This gives the impression of endurance and really embodies the passage of time. 

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