Welcome record labels & publishers

Watch this Video to learn of how Fans react on the fists High Definition Music Card Releases 

Record Labels Outreach

MediaInVision PLC and Surround Records International are outreaching to all Record Labels to partner on future releases on 

High Definition Music Card.

 We are offering full service and assistance producing High Definition Music Card including:

  • Content Development including Surround Music mixing, encoding and digital content authoring
  • Original Design
  • Manufacturing 
  • Marketing 
  • Distribution Assistance 
  • MediaInVision PLC is also interested in collaborating on producing content of Major Artists on High Definition Music Card based on profit-sharing.

Call or Email us to find out more:

(917) 797 3090


From the Customer Review:

 "This is the new format for record companies to make more money out of. Elvis Presley's record company Sony is rubbing there hands with anticipation of being presented with another media format. With the current price of these cards at around $70.00 and Sony charging almost $100.00 for a box set of Elvis DVDs then the same set would set you back almost $1,000.00 in this new media." 

 High Definition Music Card TM, is a registered trademark of MediaInVison PLC.