Sibelius Symphonies Nos. 5&7


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Surround Records International Collaboration of Performers, in conjunction with Alexander Goldberg Jero's famous new High Definition Music Card; presents Sibelius' Symphonies numbers 5 and 7.

Jean Sibelius was a Finnish born composer whose work spans the first half of the 1900's. Although his collection of seven Symphonies represent the core of his work, he was also responsible for a whole host of other titles, and indeed was rather a prolific worker. Sibelius is still highly celebrated in Finland, the residents of which revere his music as synonymous with their independence from Russia and the delighted freedom that they take in having possession of their own national identity.

Unlike many composers, Sibelius lived to see himself immortalised in fame in his home country. His 5th Symphony was actually a gift to himself, commissioned by the Finnish government and to be premiered on his 50th birthday. There were three recorded versions of the piece, two performed with himself as conductor and one performed by an Orchestra in Turku one year after the initial performance. This Turku performance has largely been lost, but fortunately his other two performances were recorded, and to this day inspires a sense of pride in any Finnish citizen who hears it.

Sibelius' 7th Symphony is universally regarded as his masterpiece. Although already famous in Finland; what garnered respect from the rest of the world was his lifelong ambition of performing a whole piece in only one movement – going against the traditional four movements as the majority of the European composers had before him. His Symphony no. 7 was a culmination of this life's work, and is a truly exceptional composition that flows in one continuous movement. Interestingly both symphonies were to be part of an orchestral score of 'poetry' that the artist did not live to complete. Concluded in 1924, his seven symphonies live to stand testament to the workings of the mind of a true master. 

Sibelius lived another thirty-three years upon completion of his seventh symphony, and although there was rumour of an 8th (and burned) symphony, he never released another, letting his seventh stand as a permanent testament to his explorations of the symphonic format.

Now you can listen to the epic sounds of the Finnish Master in High Definition Music Card format, letting you experience his compositions in a whole new way! As well as being delivered in USB format that allows you to plug, play and share anywhere you go – it also sports the innovative 3D and Surround Sound technology of which Alexander Goldberg Jero himself is a master. By layering the sounds of a full orchestra together Alexander creates an award-winning Surround Sound effect that is capable of transporting you back to 1924 Finland in the blink of an eye. This inspiring new technology, coupled with the established symphonic genius, lets you listen to Sibelius as you have never heard him before – indeed, if you close your eyes and listen, it is almost as if you were at concert, in the middle of the orchestra.


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